Paul Mirocha

Paul Mirocha

I set out to make objects that I would like to have round me. Things that I find interesting, amusing, unusual, things that inspire me, or just give me a sense of pleasure.

Within my art I am drawn toward many different materials, many of which are discarded, rusted, worn and weathered. My inspirations arise from myriad sources – natural history, antiques, curiosities, the beautiful and decrepit and countless artists both living and deceased. Having a singular focus seems beyond me. I choose not to be a specific kind of artist working with a specific kind of material, and hence the mind becomes as a twister, unconfined, yet still funneling the storm or impulse for enduring creation.

As a furniture designer/builder/woodworker I have decided not to be specific as to the type of furniture I create. My furniture revolves around using certified, salvaged and reclaimed material. I draw upon many different styles and periods for inspiration and influence. I am compelled by the need to use more complicated shapes, through which I may explore the sculptural elements that continuously call to me. My deep admiration for art deco, art nouveau, asian-inspired and arts&crafts furniture infuses my work with a vision that trespasses the borders of traditional furniture.

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Photo by Becca Henry Photography

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