MARIJE NIE – Co-Creator

MARIJE NIE – Co-Creator

Marije Nie is an extraordinary tapdancer. She is a musician with her feet, a percussionist with

the physical energy of a dancer. Strong technique and timing are the roots of her training.

Together with her creative talent and a love for improvisation, this makes Marije Nie one of

the most versatile tapdancers in Europe.

Marije Nie loves to seek out new paths for tapdancing, above and beyond classical tapdance

tradition. In the course of her career she has danced with classical symphonic orchestras,

Balinese gamelan, experimental electronics and computer musicians, New Dutch Swing

musicians, a choir, house DJ’s, and all kinds of dancers (modern, hip hop, butoh).

As a soloist, she can be guest with a (big)band, orchestra or a DJ to add extra excitement to a

concert or tour. As a leader she organises a number of small ensembles, each with different

musicians. The atmosphere and music of these groups can be tailored to the specific event.

She works with some of the most renowned musicians and orchestra’s in The Netherlands,

including Luc Houtkamp (winner of the Boy Edgar Award 2005, Holland’s most prestigious

jazz award), DJ DNA (Urban Dance Squad), trombone player Wolter Wierbos (ICP

Orchestra), the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra and composers Theo Loevendie and

Maurice Horsthuis.

And of course her own group Limoncella with singer Dorona Alberti. Marije Nie has

performed in Europe, USA, Asia and Africa.

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