Kari Kola

Kari Kola

I’ve been interested in light for as long as I can remember. Light is everywhere and it affects the world and our daily lives in many ways. I’m from Finland and here the autumns and the winters last long and are very dark. I wanted to teach myself to use light to be able to utilize the darkness that surrounds me during those seasons. That’s why I became who I am. A light artist.

I have designed and executed lighting for many operas, musicals, plays, concerts, landscapes, festivals and dance pieces. I have also carried out many sizable light installations outdoors, designed multi-channel soundscapes and taught in different fields of lighting. My specialty is mixing different art forms when creating a show or an installation. Large outdoor installations are my greatest passion and my main expertise. I have carried out many (over one hectare in size) light installations outdoors, even in -25 degrees of celcius.

Over the years, I have worked both as a technical and an artistic leader in several productions including festivals, operas, musicals, multi-art performances and opening ceremonies. These projects have been both national and international.

My motto is: ”Nothing is impossible; it is just a matter of deciding how much you want to use your energy towards achieving it”.

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