Hallie Daismer

Hallie Daismer
Hallie Dalsimer is a movement-based performing artist and aspiring maker of things. She believes that the communicative potential of dance lies in its human-ness, and attempts to tap into the universal resonance of this human-ness through thoroughly embodied physicality and presence in action. 
As a ponderer of life, Hallie is deeply curious about the intersection of the human condition and societal conditioning.  She is currently investigating the relationship between scarcity and desire through ongoing studio research, conversations, and a series of performance experiments.
Many minds working together expands the world of possibility.  Hallie has recently begun collaborating with Bad Unkl Sista as part of The Decameron; she is also part of REcreate Dance/ The Program; and is a former member of the Santa Fe based collective Meow Wolf.
Hallie grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and thus developed a deep and abiding love for green chile, big skies, and outdoor dance parties.  She holds a B.A. in Government from Wesleyan University; and has worked as a freelance dancer, taught Gaga (no relation to the Lady), and presented work in Santa Fe, New York, Maryland, Tel Aviv, and the Bay Area.

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