Statens Kunstråd

Statens Kunstråd (alias is the English version of the Danish website, which is The Danish Agency for Culture‘s site for art funding and art grants. This site is designed for international artists, arts organisations and international cultural administrative bodies interested in collaborating with individuals or institutions within the Danish arts system.

The Danish Agency for Culture is the administrative arm of the Danish Arts Council, the Danish Arts Foundation and the Danish International Cultural Panel and, as such, dispenses funding for these bodies. provides information on:

  • Grants available to international artists and art institutions wishing to collaborate with Danish artists and art institutions
  • Examples of artists and projects previously supported by the various funding schemes
  • A brief introduction to the organisation of international exchange programmes within the Danish arts system

This page also provides information on funding schemes administered not by the Danish Agency for Culture, but by the organisations responsible for international cultural exchange within the areas of film, design, crafts and architecture. These organisations are: Danish Architecture CenterDanish CraftsDanish Film InstituteDanish Design Centerthe Heritage Agency of Denmark and the Danish Center for Culture and Development.

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